How many times do you have to return an online purchased dress due to the sole reason of size and fitting? 

Fast fashion is admired for its convenience. People can stay up-to-date with the newest trends finding them in local stores and paying affordable price for it but those rapid shifts often impact the quality of clothes. Currently, fast fashion influences fashion industry. Big brands try to be the first one on the market to release new trends. Some of them can even reach 8 trend seasons a year. It’s nothing new that sizing distinct from one store to another. What’s more, sizes can also fit differently even if it’s same collection. It causes huge number of returns particularly when it comes to online shopping. Perfect Fit provides a similar solution as the concept can really get under way when customer adds a new item to the basket and is on the stage of choosing of bigger and smaller size along the order with free returning package and the transaction is only completed after the deadline period. During the design process, I have also looked into the business, customer and fashion tending perspective.

The Client

Bestseller is an international, family-owned fashion company, providing a range of more than 20 individual fashion brands with specific target audiences. Vero Moda is one of the most popular and important brands for bestseller who focuses on the fast fashion and delivers eight collerctions per year and selling upwards of 45 million styles annually.  


August 2018 – September 2018

My Role

User Research | Concept Development | Usability Testing | Visual Design | Business Development | Customer Experience

The Problem

Customers has new behaviors during their shopping phase. VERO MODA needs a valuable OMNI-channel concept that meets consumer demands and provides a better experience that is meaningful, easy-to-buy and nice-to-use no matter the touchpoints, online or offline. We found out that “Returning” is one of the major problems for any online shops. Especially for fast fashion industries, where the returning product either takes much time that it goes out of trend or ends up in the stock.

  • You have addressed a different approaching problem that is interesting.

    Kasper Kjærgaard Nielsen
    Digital Manager, VERO MODA Marketing
  • We absolute love your concept! The solution is clear.

    Nina Holewinska Ladefoged
    Marketing Assistant

User Research

As for all my projects, we start with desk research to understand the overview and later dig into conducting specific research as value-based survey and 1-on-1 interviews. We have been working waterfall, meaning we go back and forth with research simultaneously working with models and methods. A detailed explanation can be seen in the PDF.

90 participation for Value-Based Interview.

Value-Based Survey was conducted to understand the theme. This is not enough to gain a precise indication, but it will give us a starting point. 

5 participation in total for 1-on-1 interview.

We conducted semi-structure-interview to get a deeper knowledge. It was a liable results, since it was a well-structured 1-o-1 interviews specified in wide variety.

Tab Content

82 participation in total for Validation Survey.

To validate the findings, we conducted Satisfaction Survey to validate the insights. This was enough to validate the insights, with a higher %.


Using different methods and tools as picture assumptions, What-IF model, eco system and problem space, we were able to gain the following insights. A detailed explanation can be seen in the PDF.

  • “I’d rather control myself what they are allowed to know/see”

  • “I can pay attention on who I’m giving out my data, but in the end, I think that just gives me a fake notion of safety, in reality I believe I have zero control”

  • “I feel like I have some control. However, it would take a lot of work to find out how many institutions have my data.”

  • “Feels strange, why everybody needs my personal data? What for? It feels wrong”


Dissatisfied with their data processing


Have no clue on who has all of their data

Idea Generation

Through insights and different methods, we understood that citizens needs a secure method to protect their data is the most important part which lead us to form a propelling question. 

How can we give citizens control over all their data, while maintaining trust and security?

Through Propelling question, we were able to think out of box concept. Later it led us to several discussions of the latest technologies and end up with an idea that is centralized around blockchain technology.


With E-ME the future citizens will gain a secure system of handling their data along with easily made way of verification as well as decreasing the change of identity stolen. Moreover, each individual citizen will have the ownership and control over their data.

Overview of your data and who has it. You can even edit the access according to your agreement. This will lead you to gain control and ownership of your own data.


With Blockchain technology, manual verification and face login, E-ME is able to provide higher security data protection


We conducted both low and high fidelity validation, which iterations were based on feedback received from the user testing and scenario testing. A detailed explanation can be seen in the PDF. While an Invision Prototype can be seen here:  


With the Blockchain technology, all personal data are more secure also prevent identity theft. Meaning, each individual citizen can take full ownership and control over their data. This helps Danske Bank to be sure that information which are given, are valid. With E-ME, Danske Bank will be able to work without the trust issues. This also means, Danske Bank is able to shift their role as an actor into a stakeholder in expertise resources.

Award Winning​

Winner of the innovative concept

Further Development​

Has potential for further development

Key Learnings

Throughout the project period, I learned the importance of understanding and implementing of new technology in any concept is important.