How to develop business strategies focusing on to increase the revenue stream?

Smokein Out is an AR based concept that raise awareness on “stop smoking” case that focus on individual health and aesthetic aspect. The app generates highly realistic transformations of teeth in real time using personalized augmented reality. The different variety of commercial strategy that can be developed to generate the business-driven feature.

Smokein Out

The Client: IvoClar Vivadent is an international innovative dental solution corporate, offering a comprehensive range of products and systems for dentists and dental technicians.

Duration: September 2019 – October 2019

My Role: Product strategy | Business development | Design Thinking | Innovative Concept development | UI | Market Research

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The Case

Kapanu is a R&D startup, specialized in augmented reality technology. After understanding the stakeholder’s perspective of Kapanu, the most relevant feedback identified was the lack of revenue stream and the misunderstanding dentist of the AR technology contemporary limitation.

  • Thank you for your wonderful demonstration of new opportunities

    Dr. Marcel Lancelle
    co-CEO, co-Founder
  • Niresh is pure genius! He found a way to reverse IvoSmile!

    Patric Frank
conceptualizion path-01

Design Approach

Design conceptualization is the process of generating ideas for an optimum solution to the design problem. The path below demonstrates the process from an abstract “the stakeholder’s requirements” to a more concrete solution “Smokein Out”. A detailed explanation can be seen in the PDF.


Take a picture of yourself or use the live mode with AR technology. The middle line divides the before and after image. By sliding / increasing the year and cigarette icon, the immediate reaction can be seen on rendered visual live mode teeth within after image. A prototype can be seen in the following online XD file.

Artboard 2
Artboard 5-min
Artboard 5-min
Artboard 7 copy-min
conceptualizion path-03

Business Approach

I was working with conceptualization which is the process constructing the identification of the meaning of a concept. I was looking into different perspective of possible business development along with the gains and losses of each entities. A detailed explanation can be seen in the PDF.  

Market Analysis

The challenge for any business is to gain a sufficiently detailed understanding of the fundamentals of a market. x-axis focus on the Value, while the y-axis measures the Budget. A detailed explanation can be seen in the PDF.  

Artboard 3


As a conclusion to the conceptualization, I sum up with a business plan market analyses looking from the value and the budget perspective. After all, the purpose of the market analysis section is to demonstrate to the stakeholders on why to invest and develop Smokein out concept and build a sustainable business with revenue stream on side to Kapanu. ​A detailed explanation can be seen in the PDF.  

Love the concept

The stakeholders loved the concept.

Further Development​

The concept is in the process of development


The outcome was a well-prepared presentation for Kapanu stakeholders, which the responds was with positive and the stakeholders received well the concept. There were also decisions were made that will support Kapanu’s revenue stream.

Key learnings: Throughout the project period, I learned the importance of presenting several solutions. 

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