Cars have “OBD” to access the transparency status between us. Why their isn’t on alike for tractors?

A Danish company that develops softwares for the farming industry. VMH helps the farmer to get an overview of his machines, their location, their status and helps him chose the optimal settings for harvesting/planting etc.


The Client: SEGES offer solutions for the agriculture and food sector of the future. They build bridges between research and practical farming. At the same time, develops products and services in partnership with the users.

Duration:​ September 2018 – October 2018

My Role: UX & UI Design | Concept Development | User Research | Prototyping | Presentation | Storyboarding

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The Case

The machine house isn’t digitalized – not yet. We would like to know the opportunities to do so. It is important to consider how the farmer can optimize his time in the machine house and the field. A detailed explanation can be seen in the PDF.

  • We never saw any solution from this perspective.

    Andre Kristensen
    Concept Developer, Seges
  • We absolute believe your solution is the innovative concept of the year.

    Nicolai Fog Hansen
    Digital Business Manger, Seges

User Research

We start with desk research to understand the overview and later dig into conducting specific research as 1-on-1 interviews. We have been working agile, meaning we go back and forth with research simultaneously working with models and methods.

4 participation in total for 1-on-1 interview.

We conducted semi-structure-interview to get a deeper knowledge. It was a liable results, since it was a well-structured 1-o-1 interviews specified in wide variety.

2 farmers in total for user testing.

To validate the findings, we conducted user testing to validate the insights. Look Validation for more details.


To identify the micro and macro actors, relationship and stakeholders, we created eco system and service ecology map. A detailed explanation can be seen in the PDF.

  • “When we buy a tractor, we use it until it breaks down”

  • “Farming is based on Experience; if you don’t have it, you have to make a lot of research”

  • “We try to repair everything by ourselves”

Artboard 2
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Idea Generation

We used the same system / connection between a car and the mechanic using What-If model to develop the relationship between the 2 key actors in the eco system. 

To identify the values, we performed a transaction mapping to look from a business perspective by using RTVN framework and pinpointing the resources, transactions and the value, while doing, we prioritize using the SHaRP tool.

What if we used the same OBD for the cars as for the tractors?

Once we further developed the idea and a bit of research, we came across the innovative idea of OBD plugs for tractors.


VMH is a new technology to access the full data of a tractor (along with its attached machines) and use them on a value-based cross platform wise. The database sends online to SEGES and with the help of SEGES database and AI, VMH app is suggesting the farmers with new efficient ways framings and setting.

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On-board diagnostics (OBD) for tractors, gives a transparency overview of the state of the vehicle for easier problem detection. 

Ofcourse, the inspiration came from the OBD-plug for cars looking into ecosystem mapping. 

The process has been shared with several theories and models. Eco-system mapping were among one of them to identify the actors and stakeholders, along with creation of new business ideas.

The newly gained data will be uploaded to SEGES database, while an AI calculates and redirects the data to farmer’s VMH app in terms of farmer’s valuebased information as next service, breakdowns of particular parts, etc.

With AI, VMH app is able to suggest the farmers with new efficient ways framings and setting.



One of the things the tested users noticed is connection between different parts of the app, and that helped us improve the flow of the software. VMH and SEGES farmers loved the concept. 

  • “I have 20 more tractors. I would definitely use the functions about the machine information and status just to keep track of all his vehicles.”

  • “Connection between different parts of the app is interesting.”

Award Winning​

Winner of the innovative concept

Further Development​

Has potential for further development


Transparency between the farmers and the machines gives a lot more freedom to the farmers. Its easy setup as well as provides the overview of all machines working process, conditions and locations. With the Collected data, SEGES gives an efficient harvesting using AI. Furthermore, SEGES can use the data to strengthen their stand along with a new revenue stream through VMH.

Key learnings: Throughout the project period, I learned the importance of seeing new POV and additional of new technology leads to a whole new level.