How many times do you have to return an online purchased dress due to the sole reason of size and fitting?

Perfect Fit is a solution for defined problems – size and fitting matters – Just by adding 2 extra sizes. After receiving the package, the customer will have 14 + 9 days to try it on at home and send it back by post or at the near by shop. The return will be registered in the app/website with a reasoning, which will be used to improve the fitting with AI. However, Vero Moda doesn’t have to think about the dead stock, since the returning will be placed for sale. Moreover, Perfect fit helps future Vero Moda to produce the perfect fitting fashion.

Perfect Fit

The Client: Bestseller is an international, family-owned fashion company, providing a range of more than 20 individual fashion brands with specific target audiences. Vero Moda is one of the most popular and important brands for bestseller who focuses on the fast fashion and delivers eight collections per year and selling upwards of 45 million styles annually.

Duration: October 2018 – November 2018

My Role: UX & UI Design | Concept Development | User Research | Prototyping | Presentation | Visual Design

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The Case

Customers has new behaviors during their shopping phase. VERO MODA needs a valuable OMNI-channel concept that meets consumer demands and provides a better experience that is meaningful, easy-to-buy and nice-to-use no matter the touchpoints, online or offline. We found out that “Returning” is one of the major problems for any online shops. Especially for fast fashion industries, where the returning product either takes much time that it goes out of trend or ends up in the stock.

  • You took a different approach than we expected. 

    Kasper Kjærgaard Nielsen
    Digital Manager, VERO MODA Marketing
  • Thanks for a lovely concept. We loved it.

    Nina Jakobsen
    Senior Business Analyst, Bestseller

User Research

A thorough investigation including desk research to understand the overall problem and the industry. Later we conducted different qualitative and quantitative research to understand the buyer’s behaviours and pattern. 

“Instead of creating independent women industries and brand make them more dependent on their fashion”

“People prefer to buy online so they can get wide variety”

89 participation for Hypothesis-Based Survey.

Hypothesis-Based Survey was conducted to test the hypothesis. This is not enough to gain a precise indication, but it will give us a starting point. 

9 participation in total for 1-on-1 interview.

We conducted semi-structure-interview to get a deeper knowledge. It was a liable results, since it was a well-structured 1-o-1 interviews specified in wide variety.

We conducted observation to understand the buyers behavioural pattern. 

96 participation in total for Validation Survey.

To validate the findings, we conducted Satisfaction Survey to validate the insights. This was enough to validate the insights, with a higher %.


Using different methods and tools as picture assumptions, What-IF model and problem space, we were able to gain the following insights.

  • “I want to try the dress before purchasing”

  • “Not all fitting matches my body type”

  • “Not all Vero Moda collection matches my body”

  • “If we can’t find the size, then we have to ask the customer to order online to the shop and let the customer come back in few days.

    Shop Interview
  • “Online customers’ main pain point is the different sizes and fittings after the purchase”

    Shop Interview
  • “Customers like to feel the texture”

  • “choice of fabric plays a role in customers buying behavior”



Prefers shopping online


Its cheaper, wide variety, flexibility, easy to buy.


Idea Generation

Through insights and different methods, we understood that online buyers needs a better fitting and sizing which lead us to form a propelling question.

In the idea generation process, we used Can-If mapping to create ideas and used process of conceptualization to concrete our concept “Perfect Fit”.

How to reduce the returns to 0% by focusing on size and fitting matters?

Through Propelling question, we were able to think out of box concept. Later it led us to several discussions to take a bold decision to centralised the concept around returning, while keeping the returns as a key actor.


Perfect Fit is an additional feature in the Vero Moda app that is available in the online shopping. With Perfect Fit the buyers will gain a sole solution for their fitting and sizing problems. Moreover, each individual buyers reason for returning will provide the perfect data to analysis through AI and develop a perfect fitting for each and individual body type.


​The perfect Fit option provides the customer with one bigger and one smaller size along with their choice of size.

Customer will be noticed upon the check out that the agreed money will be subtracted after a 30 days deadline along with 21 days deadline to send the unfit dresses by post + 8 days deadline to hand in at the near Vero Moda shop.


The received parcel contains free returning package and label. Upon returning, the customer will be notified to state the reasoning where they can choose between the different options as fitting, sizes, fabrics, etc.

Customer Journey Mapping

A customer journey map is a visual representation of every experience the online buyers have with Vera Moda. The blue line is the emotional level with Perfect fit while the red line represent the downfall level of buyers emotional level while having to go through returning with a dissatisfaction product.



We conducted both low and high fidelity validation, which iterations were based on feedback received from the user testing and scenario testing. A detailed explanation can be seen in the PDF. While an Invision Prototype can be seen here:  

Award Winning​

Winner of the innovative concept

Business Development​

Well Developed Business aspect

Business Model

Vero Moda will collect the data for a year along with the reasons as fabric, specific sizes, etc as well as the pattern of returning dates and buyers behaviours. This will lead Vero Moda to adjust accordingly, which will establish Vero Moda’s originality in the fashion market.

Key learnings: Throughout the project period, I learned to look at a concept with business, customers, technology and user perspective.


Buyer’s Values

Improving the buyer’s online experience in the customer experience mapping.The returning process won’t be an obstacle anymore.

Key learnings: Throughout the project period, I learned to look at a concept with business, customers, technology and user perspective.


Vero Moda Values

No matter what, Vero Moda will get its clothes back with 30 days. So, Vero Moda will be able to place the unpurchased clothes back for sale before the trend ends. By expecting the returns, Vero Moda won’t lose any money.

Key learnings: Throughout the project period, I learned to look at a concept with business, customers, technology and user perspective.