Do you know exactly the name of the company / institution who has access to our personal data?

Concept: E-ME

Client: Danske Bank

My Role: UX & UI Design | Concept Development | User Research | Prototyping | Presentation | Visual Design

Design Tool: Adobe Photoshop | Adobe Illustrator | Adobe XD 

Research Methods: Qualitative interview | Value based Survey

Duration: October 2018 – November 2018

Project Description: E-ME is an IoT (Internet of Thing) based concept that focus on handling your data with a secure system along with easily made way of verification and decreasing the chance of identity thief. E-ME will store all your personal data in a blockchain technology, therefore you are the only one having control and ownership over it. Through E-ME app, you can also monitor and control on which companies have access to which of your data.

"We absolute love your concept! The solution is clear"
- Nina Holewinska Ladefoged
Senior Business Analyst
Danske Bank
"Your solution could lead to solve our banking crisis of KYC"
- Jakub Justen
Senior Software Developer
Danske Bank

Overview of your data and who has it. You can even edit the access according to your agreement. This will lead you to gain control and ownership of your own data.

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With Blockchain technology, manual verification and face login, E-ME is able to provide higher security data protection