I’m Niresh

An aspiring graphic designer and an UX / UI designer. One of the things that interests me is us as human beings, we get used to the way things are, really fast. However for designers, the way things are is an opportunity! Skills-wise, I’m an excellent graphic designer, stating from experience and the path of traditional artist practice.

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My Competencies
UX / UI Designer
User Research
Adobe CC Package
Concept Development
Project Management
Microsoft Office Package
Audio Engineering


Abilities-wise I have vast experience in music (creating and producing) hands-on experience with design tools as Adobe package and overall multimedia experience with videography / Photography and editing. Behaviour-wise I’m a fast learner, not afraid of taking responsibilities, hard-working and down-to-earth.

I have developed problem-solving oriented thinking and ofcourse sense of humour which helps to get along with my teammates and colleagues.

  • Your solution could lead to solve our banking crisis of KYG

    Jakub Justen
    Senior Software Developer, Danske Bank
  • We absolute love your concept! The solution is clear.

    Nina Holewinska Ladefoged
    Senior Business Analyst, Danske Bank

Let’s transform your vision into a human design-driven experience.