Ever realised, ​even local Basketball club requires Social Media Marketing and Storytelling?

Everyday Super Heroes (ESH) is a content marketing campaign to focus on creating innovative content for  differnt Social Media Platforms that targeting families with kids based on raise awareness of Bakken Bears and basketball.


The Client:  Bakken Bears is a local basketball team located in Aarhus. They creates the best business network in East Jutland, while delivers top-notch entertainment with dedicated national and international professionals targeting the danish families.

Duration: October 2016 – November 2016

My Role: Storytelling | Digital Marketing | Social Media Marketing | Content Creator


The Case

They want to increase their brand awareness and engagement. They want to invest in Social Media campaigns and raise the bar to be established as a serious winning culture, where the ambitious goals result in constant success.

  • This has something unique!.

    Michael Johansen
    Sales Manager, Bakken Bears
  • We absolute love your campaign! The solution is clear.

    Jeanette Jensen
    Event and Sponsor Coordinator, Bakken Bears


The traditional story line has always been a linear storytelling. Nowadays, the tie has changed and the business world is turning the phase into a non-linear story system. Therefore our concept is focused on the experience space and storytelling. Our concept is “Everyday Super Heroes” and targeting families with kids. Our overall objective is to raise awareness of Bakken Bears and basketball.


Experience space

Experience space is a key component within planning potential touch points. It is used to map out all the possible brand-consumer connections. The touch points I’m centering the whole experience space are merely focused on my consumer and the brand. As my target audiences are families with kids, I will consider the platforms I think that are familiar with them. Below, I have included the touch points along with the content with a small description.


Most of the brands place themselves as the helper and let the audience be the hero. I applied the same technique and placed the Bakken Bears as the helper. This can be seen in the fairytale model.


Sub Campaign

The overview of the campaign is, the families identify an everyday hero among themselves or someone they know using #EverydaySuperHeroes in social media platforms. Then Bakken Bears then will invite one of the families for a pre-game family fun time. Pre-game family fun time consists of the family interact with the players 10-15 minutes before the game.

I created few characters for the concept, Bebo and his family. This will provide additional support for the campaign 

Using comic books as a touch point, I created characters and storytelling to evoke nostalgic feeling for the parents as this generation grew up with physical interaction of comic books.

Animation series focused on the comic book storytelling specified for Youtube

The characters can be used within Facebook Stickers to support the campaign.


The characters can be used within Snapchat filter to support the campaign.

I used a combination to raise awareness for Movember through Everyday Super Heroes concept

Ready for Movember?

The concept can be even applied to increase awareness of breast cancer among the matured audience, cause everyone who supports the act saves lives

Breast Cancer awareness, aligned with the concept

This is focused on “kommunalbestyrelser og regionsråd valg 2017” election.

Denmark Parliament Election awareness, through the brand with the concept

Digital modern devices mockup pack


The developed satisfactory proposal for Bakken Bears was well received with Bakken Bears. Through presentation, I explored the concept in wide and depth with visually demonstrating contents. The result was positive.

Award Winning​

Winner of the innovative Content Marketing

Possible Implementation

Has potential for further development


With Content Marketing and concept campaign, the value was transparent with the potential increase of the brand awareness between the target audience.

Key learnings: Throughout the project period, I learned the importance of having a broad perspective on content marketing, especially when there is focus on creatively.